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"Having the Moanin' Frogs at Conn-Selmer Institute 2015 gave our attendees an unforgettable experience. Their unique arrangements and personal connection to the audience created a great energy to kick off the week. We look forward to having them back in the future!"

-Michael Kamphuis, Managing Director of Educational Services, Conn-Selmer

“Thank you, The Moanin’ Frogs for everything you have done for our school. We loved having you and can’t wait to work with you again soon!”


   -Caroline Fitzgerald, Director of Bands, Scarlett Middle School

The Moanin’ Frogs is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Conn-Selmer Division of Education. This partnership allows us to share the joys we experience creating and performing music, our individual and group expertise, and continue to learn through our audience.


We strongly believe our wonderful education through public education and amazing teachers impowered us to discoverer our love for music and find our voice and uniqueness as both individuals and as an ensemble.  We are excited to offer performances and master classes relevant to to students of all ages and instruments. Topics include:


For Elementary School Children

  • Exploring –The Moanin’ Frogs introduce youngsters to each instrument in the saxophone family and invite students to “try” the instruments by pressing keys as the Frogs play it. Then, The Frogs try to keep up with their insightful questions about how the instruments work!


  • Listening – We offer musical games to stress the importance of listening in groups.  


  • Creating- We construct our own arrangemnt of a previously chosen song, in front of the kids.  We explain melody, harmony, backgrounds, and bass lines.  


  • Connecting- We talk about how and why each of us started, our experience, and why we continue to play music


  • Q&A – We are happy to answer all sorts of questions, from how long we have been playing to “what does it take to be a professional musician?”


  • Full ensemble workshop – The Moanin’ Frogs play briefly for the ensemble, then dive into an interactive exploration of listening, intonation, blend, rhythm, and style that builds on what students already know.


  • Introduction to Improvisation – This workshop is designed to teach anyone to improvise. The Frogs tailor this workshop to the technical level of each student, providing a fun and informative approach to the Blues, transcriptions, sound concept, and equipment.


  • Sound Painting – Based on the innovative work of composer-performer Walter Thompson, The Moanin’ Frogs teach simple hand gestures that make everyone a composer. Super fun!


  • Be a Frog – The Moanin’ Frogs provide arrangements of their best hits that invite performers of different abilities play side-by-side with the ensemble and experience the joy of playing in a professional ensemble.


Examples of Pieces:

- Frozen's "Let it Go"

-"Cantine Band" from Star Wars

-Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

-Lafin' Sax

-Parade of the Elephants

-Many others by advance request

For College Students and Adult Learners

  • For Composers and Arrangers – Bring a composition or arrangement to this workshop; The Frogs will read it and provide feedback. Recording for personal use is encouraged.  Our instrumentation is S/A/T/T/B/BASS.


  • Improvisation for Classical Musicians-Improvisation has always been part of music and is increasingly becoming a critical component of the 21st Century classical musician’s toolbox.  We provide non-intimidating methods and excercises to ease classical musicians into unfamiliar territory.  Starting with free improvisation games and gradually adding structure, this workshop gives accomplished classical players skills and a path forward to development of improvisational skills.


  • The Business of Chamber Music – This workshop covers creation of biographies, resumes, press kits, and social media opportunities.


  • A Look Back on Saxophone History – Dubbed “The Devil’s Horn” by the some, the saxophone’s rich history also includes what some historians call “The Sax Craze” of the era 1910-1925. The Moanin’ Frogs present an “informance” that takes the audience from 1910 to today.

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