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“The Moanin’ Frogs are completely unique — I’ve never seen or heard anything even remotely like these guys. So much fun to watch and listen to, so musical… and they play so amazingly well together, as if controlled by one central brain. It’s astonishing. I was completely blown away.” Dave Koz, nine-time GRAMMY®-nominated Smooth Jazz Saxophonist

"The Moanin Frogs is the perfect blend of expertise, charm and entertainment...their skill and programming keep smiling audiences on the edge of their seats..."  Timothy McAllister, International Saxophone Soloist

Article written by Brian Davies after a Moanin' Frogs Performance in Sault Ste Marie, Canada. HERE

Article written by Jayden Perez after a Moanin' Frogs Performance in Reno, Nevada, USA. HERE

“Having The Moanin’ Frogs at Conn-Selmer Institute 2015 gave our attendees an unforgettable experience. Their unique arrangements and personal connection to the audience created a great energy to kick off the week. We look forward to having them back in the future!”  Michael Kamphuis, Managing Director of Educational Services, Conn-Selmer, Inc.


“You guys were absolutely awesome, and people are still talking about your performance and how much they loved it! You are all wonderful performers and, more importantly, great showman with great personalities... so friendly and able to make the audience comfortable so they can fully enjoy your music. I can't thank you enough for your hard work.” ​Nancy Furdock, Summer Nights Concert Series, of Hancock, New York

“It’s incredibly refreshing to see such an extraordinarily talented group of musicians approach their programming with an obvious goal of, at once, dazzling and delighting audiences of all varieties.” Kristen McKeon, D’Addario Woodwinds, New Thread Quartet

“Thank you, The Moanin’ Frogs for everything you have done for our school. We loved having you and can’t wait to work with you again soon!”   Caroline Fitzgerald, Director of Bands, Scarlett Middle School

"The Moanin’ Frogs have a contagious passion for all things saxophone. The enthusiasm and dedication that was reflected through their outreach events, left audience members of all ages inspired.  They led a fantastic event at the public library with 60 guests of all ages that explored the history of saxophone,  interspersed with a selection of songs that demonstrated the instrument’s evolution. The following day they gave an hour and a half presentation that kept more than 100 middle, high school, and college music students mesmerized, incorporating performance, education, and demonstration. During their featured performance, The Moanin’ Frogs kept audience members captivated as they traversed decades through the evening’s repertoire. I received emails and feedback from season ticketholders for twenty years plus who shared that this was a truly exceptional evening. They are exceptional musicians and educators who are committed to having a positive impact in the communities that they visit."  University of Nevada Reno Concert Series

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